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Love (and Health) is in the Air

Happily Ever After: your guide to falling in love with healthy living.  

Romance and roses. Frosted pink sugar cookies, and frosted ice stuck to our windshields. February is officially here! You’ve probably already noticed every store taken over by the aisles of red boxes of chocolates, stuffed bears, and candy hearts…it’s just one giant #LoveFest out there! And in that spirit, tis the season to evaluate our relationships. Except not with people. We’re talking about our relationship with nutrition. Yay!!  
Hear us out...Falling in love with healthy eating is very much like falling in love with a person. Your goal of a healthy relationship depends on certain “dating guidelines,” which can totally be applied to your physical health goals as well. We’ll show you some tried-and-true tips for dating (AND eating) and help you apply them. 
The best part? Your healthy lifestyle will never send you cryptic text messages, make you hang out with its weird cousins, or tell you they’re just not feeling it anymore.  
Ready to have your mind blown? Let’s begin

Decide What You Want

In dating, you obviously want someone who will make you happy, but first you gotta figure out what you want. So let’s get down to it. What are you looking for? A summer fling? An adventurous travel buddy? A partner to grow old with? A date to your grandmother’s third wedding?  
Now ask yourself the same thing about why you want to get healthy. Do you want to relieve anxiety and stress? Are you trying to slim down and new halter-top? Do you want to feel the accomplishment of running a half marathon? Your dieting and fitness plan should match your health goals if you want to achieve them. That way you’ll know whether to focus more on the number on the scale or the number of pushups you can do.

Do Some Stalking

Don’t deny it, you most likely know more about your blind date than their next door neighbor does, before you’ve ever met them IRL. We stalk our potential mates on every social media channel possible, and then try to act surprised when they mention they visited Italy in summer 2012.  

Likewise, you should do a little research before you venture into a new diet. Find a reputable blog or health magazine and see what that Whole 30 thing is all about. What types of people has it worked or not worked for? Watch videos of other people’s struggles and successes. Find inspirational recipes and make a plan. That way you’ll have less surprises when you begin for yourself.

Make a Love List

In relationships, we are constantly evaluating each other. There are things we like about the other person, and then there’s the stuff we aren’t as excited about. Nobody is perfect! But one way to strengthen your relationship is to give positive affirmations by telling each other what you love about them. And you can do that with food too! A diet may be a struggle, but try making a list of all the healthy foods you love. It’s a good reminder that you’re not really missing out on anything.  

Find a Good Wingman

Only the truly brave souls head into a club alone. (If that’s you, mad respect!) But for most of us, it helps to have a friend or two at our side. Especially if you’re going to meet people and try to get a phone number out of it. A good wingman or wingwoman can make an introduction, and make you sound like the belle of the ball! 

Similarly, having a buddy to backup your health goals can make all the difference. It’s harder to miss a workout if your friend is waiting on you, and it’s easier to order a salad if your buddy is also going green. There’s plenty of places to find a workout pal. Online groups like Meetup are a great start, or start going to a class or gym and soon enough you’ll make friends there! 

Play the Field!

Everyone knows some lucky person who married the first boy or girl they ever kissed in grade school. #BLESSED. However, most of us get to spend a lot of time dating around and playing the field. That’s the best way to figure out what you like! After all, if there’s a dozen froyo flavors to choose from, why not sample a few first? Do you see where we’re going with this? There are literally TONS of exercises, recipes, and healthy life hacks you can try out. Go crazy! Try a new recipe every week. Never given a kale a chance? Try this delicious Kale Pesto Cheese Tortellini. Haven’t roller-skated in decades? Head to your local rink. Healthy love is out there, it’s just waiting for you to find it! 

Remember: Love is Blind

If you’re looking for true love, try to approach it with an open mind. Don’t get hung up on whether someone is your physical “type,” but rather focus on whether you’re emotionally compatible. Maybe he’s not who you pictured yourself with, but he sure does make you laugh, right? It’s the same with exercise. Maybe you didn’t think pilates was your thing, but give it a try! You may get into it and walk away feeling invigorated and excited for more. 

It happens to everyone. You’re having a normal happy Tuesday evening, and then out of nowhere, BAM! Your significant other drops a bomb on your relationship. Ahhh heartbreak! Unfortunately, it’s rare for anyone to find their mate without getting rejected a few times first. Love is a risky game, friends! But the good news is, the more your heart is broken, the tougher it gets.

And so it goes with health, too. Maybe your daily 1500 calorie intake goal was going great. You were feeling strong, looking good, and sticking to a routine. And then DING DONG! It’s Thanksgiving and the relatives are at the door with armfuls of pies and mashed potatoes. Don’t despair if you’ve fallen off track. You can always bounce back. Hopefully you’ve learned about your weaknesses and how to better overcome them in the future.

– The goodNes Crew