Treat Your Skin to Some #HealthyEats

These recipes will have you glowing this winter.

WINTER IS COMING. And who’s the most salty about it? Your skin. 

Think about it. A day outside in the icy wind (like skiing or making snow angels) can leave your face feeling raw. Then you go inside and warm up next to the fire and the heat can dry it out and irritate it. There’s just no winning … until now!

So, ladies and gents. Can we all agree this means one thing? You HAVE to take care of your skin during the winter. Otherwise when you meet a good-looking stranger on the ski lift or by the fireplace, you might be looking like a red-nosed hot mess. And not in a cute Rudolph way. We want you feeling fresh when you look in the mirror, not cursing the cold. So let’s get you #glowing with healthy skin. 

First of all, the best thing you can do for your skin is to nourish it from the inside out. We’re talking about a balanced diet and LOTS of #H20. Here are 12 foods that have been shown to help keep your skin more radiant: 

1.    Fatty fish
2.    Avocados
3.    Walnuts
4.    Sunflower seeds
5.    Sweet potatoes
6.    Red or yellow bell peppers
7.    Broccoli
8.    Tomatoes
9.    Soy
10.    Dark chocolate
11.    Green tea
12.    Red wine

You didn’t think we’d just give you a list of ingredients, did you? Nope! Here are some bona-fide delicious recipes that’ll give your skin a hydro-boost. Don’t forget to enjoy the entrées with a tall glass of water and share with #ThankGoodNes. Your skin will thank you!

 – The goodNes Crew