Get your Booty in Gear with these Breakfast Recipes
 Get your Booty in Gear with these Breakfast Recipes

5 Energizing Breakfast Recipes That Will Leave You Without An Excuse to Get Up and Get Moving

Our favorite breakfast ideas to shake up your morning routine.

You know that song “Summertime Sadness”? We #lowkey don’t know what she’s talking about because let’s be real, winter months are way rougher. It’s so hard to get out of bed!! The sky is dark, the air is cold, sometimes your car windows need defrosting and scraping before you can even get out of your driveway. Ugh. Please take us back to summer when the sun is shining and the birds chirping and we actually have energy for things like putting on clothes and brushing our teeth. But since that’s a few good months away, we have a #MorningHack for you.

Obviously, you might have a difficult time crawling out of bed when you know you’re headed to work or school. But what if you changed your thinking so that instead, you’re waking up to eat a killer breakfast? For us, we’ve found it’s much easier to wake up if food is on the line.

Especially during the winter months, it’s okay to be a little extra and treat yo’self to a delicious meal. You deserve it!

Here are 5 energy-boosting breakfasts that will make you actually excited to wake up and get into the action. (Boy do we need this!) Try them out and share your favorites with #WinterBreakfast.

Good morning and happy eating!!

Coconut and Blueberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are all the rage, and for good reason. We love that you don’t have to wake up any earlier to prepare these. Just mix a few ingredients together the night before, and BOOM. You’ve got a yummy, nutritious treat waiting for you in the morning – even the whole week if you want! Get the recipe here.

Breakfast Burrito

Who doesn’t love a burrito? You can put anything in them that you want! And we definitely want all the goodies in this breakfast burrito. Eggs are always a good source of protein to start the day, and this might be the most exciting way to eat them. Don’t forget the hot sauce for an extra kick! Get the recipe here.

– The goodNes Crew