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8 Recipes that Smell like the Holidays

You have to try these recipes if you love the scent of the Holidays

Do you smell what I smell? Nutmeg, cinnamon, fresh pine, burnt turkey...that’s the enchanting aroma of the Holidays.

Sure it’s easy to fill a room with your favorite scent by lighting a candle, but where’s the joy in smelling fresh-baked cookies without any actual cookies around? Sounds like #HolidayTorture. Never fear, cinnamon-spice-loving friend! We’ve got just the recipes to put your house (and your nose) in the Holiday spirit.

Mini Peppermint Mocha Snow Cakes

Mocha, chocolate, and peppermint all in one delicious treat?! That’s sure to get your kitchen smelling ultra festive. And since these cupcakes are mini, there’s plenty to go around when the neighbors come poking their heads in. #MiniFood #Cuteness Get the recipe here.

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

What’s December without a warm cup of hot cocoa? It’s the perfect touch for a cozy night at home watching your favorite holiday movies. Now add some hazelnut into the mix and breathe in the magical aroma. Get the recipe here.

Vanilla Tres Leches Cake

If you’ve never tried Tres Leches cake, you haven’t lived (no offense). This cake is drenched in three kinds of milk, so it’s super moist. And yes, we know “moist” is not the most crowd-pleasing word choice. #SorryNotSorry – it’s the only way to describe this scrumptious goodness! Get the recipe here.

Gingerbread Cake

Your house + a gingerbread cake baking in the oven = your very own life-sized gingerbread house! (Or at least it will smell that way.) This gingerbread cake has sugar and spice and EVERYTHING nice, with a delicious frosting made with one of our favorite Coffee-mate® flavors, natural bliss® Cinnamon Cream. Get the recipe here.

Easy Apple Cranberry Relish

This sweet and tangy sauce is easy to make, and brings out an aroma of harvest apples and cranberries. Try it as a side dish, spread it on homemade rolls, or as a delicious topping on poultry and pork. The best part is, you can make it ahead of time and leave it in the refrigerator several days before serving. Can you say, ultimate food prep? Get the recipe here.

Mocha Holiday Truffles

If you like mocha and chocolate, you’ll love these tasty little treats. Melting the chocolate, coffee, and cream together will fill your kitchen with a yummy smell sure to attract lots of hungry guests. Look out, these truffles will go fast! Get the recipe here.

Pumpkin Spice Granola

Have you ever made your own granola? It’s actually really simple, and you can add whatever flavors you want! With this pumpkin spice recipe, you’ll have pumpkin and cinnamon aromas dancing their way out of the oven and into your house. #PumpkinSeason Get the recipe here.

Skillet Chai Apple Crisp

Time to bust out the cast iron skillet! This apple crisp tastes as good as it looks, and smells even better! It’s made with cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar, coconut oil, and cardamom. (We’re not sure exactly what that last spice is, but it sure smells good!) Random spices for the win! Get the recipe here.

So, blow out those candles and whip up some delicious #HolidayEats instead. We hope you love their scents as much as we do!


 – The goodNes Crew