Look, Mom! I Made This!
Look, Mom! I Made This!

Look, Mom! I Made This

10 menu ideas to impress your mom on her day

From the first moment you stuck a macaroni noodle onto a piece of construction paper, you’ve probably been attempting to make your mom the sweetest Mother’s Day handmade gifts she’s ever seen. You’ve written her some pretty wild poems, embroidered some “adorable” lumpy hearts on a pillow, maybe even graced her armchair with your take on a “crochet blanket.” And you do it because moms are the BEST – obviously she deserves to be treated like a #QUEEN on her special day!

Look, Mom! I Made This!

Now that you’re all grown up, perhaps it’s time to take your gift-giving skills to the next level: a delicious home-cooked meal! Whether you’re hosting Mother’s Day lunch or just bringing something over to her place to show her you care, her heart is sure to melt when she sees your time and effort – no need to be a master chef! Below, five recipes that you can totally knock out of the park to impress your mom. 

Dulce De Leche-Filled Muffin Tin Donuts

If you’ve got one of those sweet-toothed mamas, she’ll absolutely adore these little muffins. The irresistible dulce de leche filling is a delicious surprise, and they’re perfect for passing around to other guests. And you know that if Mom likes anything better than her sweets, it’s sharing them with the ones she loves. 

Homemade Naan

I bet you didn’t know it could be this easy to make bread! Guaranteed Mom will be impressed with your naan-making skills (and with how cultured you are). Serve them with hummus, which you can make from scratch if you feel up to it. #BonusPoints

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate With Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows are sooo chic! This concoction only looks bougie, but in reality is super simple to whip up. Your mama will feel like a million bucks when you show up to her house with this yummy treat.

Homemade Pumpkin Waffles

Want to go real traditional this year? Surprise your mom with an amazing breakfast in bed, featuring these yummy pumpkin waffles! The pumpkin twist really says, “Look Mom! I put a lot of extra effort into this!” And don’t forget the single rose in a vase to decorate her breakfast tray. #Extra

Sausage and Apple Cornbread Stuffing

Bring a pan full of this delectable wonder to Mother’s Day Lunch, and watch the forks go wild!  The crisp apple provides a delicious balance to the savory sausage, and the cornbread cubes bring it all together. There will be no question about who is the favorite child after this culinary display! 

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