More fun, less guilt! 10 Summer treats you gotta try.
More fun, less guilt! 10 Summer treats you gotta try.

More fun, less guilt! 10 Summer treats you gotta try.

Indulge with these delicious summer treats that are actually healthy.

Ahh summer. Tank tops and tanlines. Baseball and BBQs. July is a time for enjoying night skies lit up with fireworks, and party tables scattered with summer treats. Sometimes it’s hard to watch what you eat when you’re enjoying yourself so much. Luckily, we have some recipe hacks that can make your summer snacking healthier than your average cupcake. 


Try bringing one of these dishes to your next pool party potluck, and watch the crowd go wild. What’s your favorite summer treat? Do any of these make the list? Let us know with #ThankGoodNes for #SummerTreats. 

Tangerine Crème Brûlée
You must try this fruity take on a French classic. Sweet, citrusy, and caramelized – these adorable little cups of heaven are a great choice if you’re hosting a summer soiree. Plus, you get to use a kitchen torch and feel like a hardcore chef. 

Vanilla Yogurt Strawberries
It doesn’t need to be complicated to be a delicious, refreshing treat. Simply mix creamy, protein-filled greek yogurt with a boost of vanilla flavor, dip fresh strawberries, and enjoy!  

Frozen Yogurt Berry Bark
Need a break from the heat? Break off a piece of this colorful frozen treat. It’s made with fresh berries, greek yogurt, and honey – much healthier than your average popsicle.  

Berry Berry Smoothie
This three-ingredient smoothie couldn’t be easier to make, or more refreshing. We love it with raspberries and blueberries, but go wild and experiment with other frozen goodies! 

Frozen Sunset
Watching a summer sunset with bae is great, but it’s even MORE magical if you’re also sipping a refreshing beverage! Try the frosty orange drink of your dreams. If you love orange flavor, this is a must-try. 

Acai Berry Bowl  
Acai bowls are ALL the trend, and you can make your own at home! It’s a simple recipe, plus you don’t have to wait in a long line at the smoothie shop. Get the health benefits of acai berries, and add any combination of toppings your heart (and body) desires. 

Frozen Lemonade No-Bake Cupcakes
Cupcakes without ever turning on the hot oven? Sounds like the perfect summer treat to us! The real magic of these comes from the whipped fluffy topping. It smells like lemon, looks like a cloud, and tastes like summer.  

Blueberry Coconut Ice Pops
Allow us to introduce you to the world’s tastiest (and super healthy) popsicle! (In our humble opinion.) This is a classic summer treat that you can easily make at home with friends or the kids. By using Greek yogurt instead of ice cream, you’ll get even more health benefits without sacrificing taste!  

Soft-Serve Fruit
Are you craving something fruity on a hot summer’s day? Try this uber-easy recipe! It looks like ice cream, and tastes like it too – except BETTER! Simply toss the fresh fruit and creamer into a food processor and you’ve got sweet treats for the whole gang. 

Easy Peach Fro-Yo
Another amazing ice-cream look alike, we love this creamy, peachy fro-yo. Plus it’s super healthy with no added sugar. Just peaches, bananas, and greek yogurt. Turn on the blender, pull out the spoons, and taste the summer magic. 

-The goodNes crew