Top Picks: 10 of our most-loved summer recipes
Top Picks: 10 of our most-loved summer recipes

Top Picks: 10 of our most-loved summer recipes

What’s all the hype about? Try them out for yourself!

The polls are in! Our readers have browsed, shared, and experimented with hundreds of our delicious recipes, and these are their most-liked, and dare we say, most-LOVED culinary creations. 

The numbers don’t lie, but we’ll let you be the judge. Pick a recipe (or two, or three) and try it out out for yourself. We’re sure there’s something here that will strike your tastebuds’ fancy. Share a photo of your masterpiece with us @GoodNesUSA. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Frozen Coconut Mojito
Pour a glass of this frosty, sweet, minty goodness and let your senses slip away to an exotic beach. And then pour another one. 

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
If you want to impress your dinner guests (or even just yourself), you can’t go wrong with these cheesy chicken enchiladas. The perfect balance of creamy and spicy, we are obsessed with this recipe. 

Linguine In Creamy Marinara Sauce
When it comes to pasta, the sauce is everything. This creamy marinara mixed together with our special flavor-boosting ingredients really steals the show. Don’t forget the fresh basil topping!

Double Stuffed Peppers
These look almost as amazing as they taste, so you know you’re in for a treat. We love that using Stouffer's Chicken & Vegetable Rice Bake makes our lives easier, and so much tastier!

Parsley Lemon Pesto Pasta
You don’t need to go to a five-star Italian restaurant to taste five-star pasta. This is a beautiful blend of flavors we can’t get enough of. Lemon + Garlic + Pesto + Parmesan = lots of very satisfied taste buds. 

Baked Honey Sesame Chicken Wings
Here’s a fan favorite! These insanely-popular wings are anything but basic. They’re sweet, salty, spicy, and they’ll be eaten up in just minutes if you serve them at your next party.  

7-Layer Magic Bars
They don’t call these bars magic for nothing! Roll out the parchment paper and then sink your teeth into seven layers of gooey chocolate, crunchy coconut, and other sweet treats. 

Easy Chicken & Waffles
Not only are these the easiest chicken & waffles you’ll ever make, but they might also become your favorite. If you’ve never tried this winning combination, now is the time. The kids will love them too! 

Ham Mac & Cheese
It’s warm cheesy comfort food...with a twist! Adding ham and broccoli gives this mac & cheese a boost of flavor, plus you’re getting protein and veggies, so you can feel better about indulging. #goodNesCrewTopPick

California Style Pizza
So simple, yet so creative! We love using this recipe to really liven up a pizza. It adds color and freshness, plus the all the health benefits of avocado and arugula. 

What’s your favorite goodNes recipe? Do you have a special touch for a classic dish that we should try? Let us know! Bon Appetit! 

-The goodNes Crew