10 Reasons We LOVE Being Single on Valentine’s Day
10 Reasons We LOVE Being Single on Valentine’s Day

10 Reasons We LOVE Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Being solo on the day of love is actually the best thing ever.

Ah, February. The month of romantic dinners, oversized teddy bears, and boxes of half-eaten chocolates. Even though we’re surrounded by couples 12 months of the year, Valentine’s Day can feel like people are shouting about their relationship to us through a megaphone. (Oh you guys have a song?! How cuuuute…) So if you don’t have main squeeze, you’re going to be HYPER aware of it come February 14th.

Well guess what, love birds? Us totally amazing and self-sufficient single birds are going to have an even BETTER time on Valentine’s Day. And here’s why:

1. Our bankrolls will stay nice and fat.

Being single on Valentines day means ZERO obligation to go to a nice restaurant, buy gifts, or drop money on a sparkly new dress and matching heels. Unless we want to of course. #TreatYoSelf

2. 99 problems, but V-Day ain’t one.

Some people agonize days or weeks in advance about what wildly romantic gestures they’ll do on Valentine’s Day. Planning an elaborate date, scoring a coveted dinner reservation, surprising boo with a 10-tiered homemade cake. Yeah...no thanks! We’ve got enough real-life things to stress about.

3. You know exactly what you want.

Who knows and loves you better than anyone else? Yourself! You know exactly what your favorite candy is, what jewelry is your taste, and what dinner you’re in the mood for. We love being single on Valentine’s Day because we don’t have to hope that someone else will get it right. We can treat ourselves just how we’d like to be treated.

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4. Spend time with your celeb crush.

Roll out the red carpet, dim the lights, and turn on the TV! Without a significant other to woo, you can focus your attention on your true, on-screen love with a movie marathon.

5. Sharing is caring, but you don’t have to.

Speaking of Valentine’s candy, we love being single because that means we can eat the best chocolates in the box, and nobody is going to whine about it. (We defs recommend going for dark chocolate – it’s much healthier!)

6. What you do is up to YOU.

When you’re riding solo, you get to do exactly what you want. No compromises. Maybe you want to take a two-hour bubble bath, or watch your favorite tv series for the 900th time, or just stare out a window and admire the sunset. Single people, say it with us: “We CAN and we WILL.”

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7. Galentine’s Day!

Our society focuses so much on romantic relationships, but what about friendship?! Hello! Being a good friend is arguably just as important as being a good partner. And Valentine’s Day (AKA Galentine’s Day) is our chance to go out with the gals and celebrate friendships, knowing good ones are hard to come by.


8. We can celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day.

AKA Single’s Awareness Day, is a fun anti-holiday that lets you celebrate Valentine’s Day on the flipside. Throw a party and take turns smashing a heart-shaped piñata, or better yet, pretzels for these No-Bake Pretzel Peanut Butter Squares. Watch horror films. Eat a piece of cake with your bare hands. Demolish an old car. It’s better than being lonely at home.

9. We know we’re not with the wrong person.

Sure, maybe “the one” hasn’t walked into our lives yet, but we are thrilled we’re not tied up in a relationship with “not the one.” Why? Because if we bumped into the human of our dreams tomorrow, guess what? We are SINGLE and READY to let them in.

10. It’s the perfect time to meet someone new.

While most of the the couples will be having romantic nights at home, chances are if you go out on a Valentine’s Day weekend, you’ll meet lots of other singles too. You can make new friends and celebrate singlehood together!

– The goodNes Crew