How To Win At Motherhood: 10 Tips From REAL Moms
How To Win At Motherhood: 10 Tips From REAL Moms

How To Win At Motherhood: 10 Tips From REAL Moms

Timeless advice on motherhood from REAL moms.

Motherhood – it’s the best and hardest job you’ll ever have, and that’s a fact. 


Whether you’re a new mom fretting over germs getting near your baby, or you’ve got 16 years under your belt and are now battling with unruly teenagers, every day is a chance to learn a new lesson and to share your wisdom with others. We asked our crew for their best piece of advice on motherhood. It could be guidance they received from someone else, or a lesson learned from their own experience. Below, ten of our favorite motherhood tips.

1. Just follow your instincts. If you think something is wrong with your baby, trust your gut in spite of what anyone else tells you. Don’t back down.

2. Don’t compare yourself to any other mom. You’re the mom your child needs.

3. Educate your kids with love. Physical punishment may provide effective results in the short-run but later in life causes impairment of mental health, destroys self-confidence, and promotes poorer quality relationships.

4. Raise the humans you want them to become. A child is like an empty glass – fill it as you wish. Don’t allow your children to run all over you, be rude to others, nor become unruly.

5. Be present and be consistent. Especially for working moms - it’s not about the quantity of time you spend with them, it’s about the quality of those moments.

6. Let them taste all foods more than once or twice. They don’t come with predisposed taste buds.

7. Get some rest. New moms, don’t worry about having the house clean – nap when your baby naps, and get some rest.

8. They’re going to be okay. New moms always think their babies are very fragile and delicate. In reality, babies come with their own defenses and protections.

9. Let them be.  Let babies sleep as much as they need to, and let kids eat as much as they want. Don’t worry if they don’t finish the food on their plate. And also - let them have their milestones at their own pace, they’ll get there. 

10. Let them know every day how very much you love them and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Carry your baby in arms as much as possible – you have limited time to do so, and it’s so worth it!

Bottom line, though, in the words of one of our crew: “Find what works for you. You’ll always get tons of advice, but everyone’s baby is different and every mom is different.” We love you, moms! Do your thing – nobody else does it like you. 

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