Why Sports are Important
A boy in a green jersey dribbles a basketball between two opposing players.

Physical Activity

Sport is a huge part of American culture. It gives everyone the opportunity to grow, play and compete. For our kids it has many benefits including physical and social development. We all know that our kids need regular physical activity but why? Sport improves a child's fitness and helps their growth and development. It allows our kids to build strong bones and muscles, help maintain their weight and decrease the risk of health related issues, which can be developed later in life. Physical activity makes sure that our kids get better sleep and have a better outlook on life. Healthy, physically active kids are also more motivated, alert and successful.

A pee wee sports team sit beside a wall drinking water.

Friends & Memories

The friends and memories made playing youth sports will last a lifetime. Working as a team with their friends to reach a goal helps our kids to develop communication and problem solving skills that will benefit them on and off the field. Spending time with friends and making new ones is one of the most common reasons kids start playing sports and continue to play through the years. There's no better feeling than getting to hang out with friends, learn and grow together, and share in the excitement of victory and success.

A young girl practices her tennis serve on a court.

Life Long Lessons

Along with the physical and social benefits, sport also teaches kids valuable life lessons. Kids learn about teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Sport is about giving it their best shot and turning up on game day, rain or shine. It's about high-fiving their teammates after a win or getting back up and dusting themselves off after a loss. MILO® is a proud fan of youth athletics and believe young athletes have the power to change the game.