100 Things to do in Winter that aren’t Netflix
100 Things to do in Winter that aren’t Netflix

100 Things to do in Winter that aren’t Netflix

If these fun winter activities don’t motivate you to go outside, we don’t know what will.

Sure, it’s winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire three months glued to your sofa. (Although deep down that’s all we want sometimes.) There are plenty of ways to have fun that don’t include binge watching TV shows, and you can even keep your stretchy pants on.

Need some ideas? We put together a list of awesome outdoor activities based on what type of weather you’re dealing with and how adventurous you’re feeling. Now you have no excuse to be bored. Put down the remote control, zip up that jacket, and embrace the wonderful outdoors! … Then head back to the sofa to warm up and recover.

Here are 100 ways you can keep active outside in the winter:

When the weather outside is frightful (AKA snowy!)

1.    Go sledding. Dust off a sled in your garage or make your own! 
2.    Have a snowball fight.
3.    Build a snowman. 
4.    Build something even better – a snow fort. 
5.    Make your car your canvas! Write messages or draw pictures on your frosty windshield. 
6.    Take your dog for a snowy walk and watch him go crazy.  
7.    Shovel the driveway. 
8.    Shovel your neighbor’s driveway. 
9.    Play outdoor hockey. (On thick ice only please!) 
10.    Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
11.    Get a hot chocolate and go for a stroll downtown.
12.    Blow bubbles and watch them turn into ice bubbles. 
13.    Make snow graffiti in your backyard using food coloring and spray bottles. 
14.    Bundle up and go snow biking! It’s easier to ride your bike in the snow than you may think, just watch out for black ice!
15.    Find an outdoor hot tub and have a romantic wintry night. 
16.    Make ice sculptures. 
17.    Be a snow photographer! Go on an expedition and capture the best pictures of the winter landscape.

When it’s more chilly than snowy

18.    Grab some friends and go ice skating.
19.    Make use of the wind and fly a kite. 
20.    Dust off the rackets and play tennis.
21.    Play bocce ball.
22.    Toss a frisbee around with a friend, or get a group for a game of Ultimate. 
23.    Play streetball at an outdoor basketball court.
24.    Anyone else remember tetherball? See if a school playground near you has one and try it out for old-times sake. 
25.    Dust off your old skateboard and learn some new moves.
26.    Make your own bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and birdseed. Hang them outside and wait for the feathered friends to show up. 
27.    Jump on a trampoline.
28.    Play horseshoes.
29.    Climb trees.
30.    Work those hips with a hula-hoop contest. 
31.    Pull weeds and prepare your garden for spring. 
32.    Throw a football! Gather some friends for a scrimmage. 
33.    Play capture the flag.
34.    Go to an ice rink and learn the ancient Scottish sport of curling. 
35.    Play sardines! It’s reverse hide-and-seek, where someone hides and everyone else tries to find them. 

When you’re up for a daytrip

36.    Go for a low-key nature walk or a more strenuous day hike. 
37.    Go skiing or snowboarding.
38.    Cross country ski.
39.    Rent a snowmobile.
40.    Go horseback riding.
41.    Get a pair of snowshoes and explore the wilderness.
42.    Go for a wintry drive and bring a picnic lunch.
43.    Try ice fishing. Let us know if you catch anything!
44.    Hang gliding. We’ve never done it but it looks awesome. 
45.    Climb a mountain.
46.    If you’ve got the cash, go helicopter skiing.
47.    Train for a half marathon (or a full one, if you’re up for it).
48.    Go on a winter camping or backpacking trip. 
49.    Snow kiting. It’s like skiing with a kite attached to you that pulls you along. 
50.    Travel somewhere warm and swim in the ocean.

Don’t forget to share your outdoor fun with #ThankGoodNes for winter! See you out there.

 – The goodNes Crew