5 Ways to Fall in Love with Exercise
5 Ways to Fall in Love with Exercise

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Exercise

Not an exercise lover? Change your mind and find your perfect match with these enjoyable workouts. 

You’ve tried it all – running on treadmills, running on beaches, running with a pack of wild dogs. And yet you still hate running. You’ve busted your butt in bootcamps. Dabbled with DVDs. And while you’re all about leggings and tank tops, you’d much rather sport them while lounging on the couch than wandering around a brightly-lit gym.  
We get it! Falling in love with exercise can sometimes feel like a joke. But don’t throw in the towel and run for the hills just yet. (Actually, yes, running for the hills would be great cardio!) We’re here to give you a few tips that could help you build a loving, long-term relationship with fitness. And what better time to start than right now? It is February after all – the month of LOVE. 

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For us, we’ve found the easiest way to make exercise part of our regular lifestyle is to find exercises we ENJOY. For some, that’s means skipping the traditional gym and doing something a little more creative. Just how people like to say, “There’s someone for everyone” when it comes to dating, exercise is the same. There’s a heart-rate-boosting activity out there that you will LOVE doing. There has to be! And we have some suggestions to help you find it.  
Check out these ideas and let us know if they worked for you! We’re always open to new ways to trick ourselves into getting fit.

Recess is in session!

Remember all those fun games we used to play during recess as kids? Four-square, jump rope, tetherball, red rover? Well they’re all great ways to burn calories. So grab some friends and go play an old school game! Or, find a group class doing just that. Like Punk Rope, a fitness group based on the East Coast that is all about fun cardio using jump rope. They believe fitness doesn’t have to happen in a gym, and each class has a theme and lots of music to distract you from feeling the burn.

Learn how to juggle

It’s not just a party trick! Learning to juggle is a way to improve your coordination, strengthen your core, fight stress, and impress all your friends and family, of course. You can burn up to 280 calories per hour, about the same as taking a walk around the block. Afraid you’ll be no good? Well that’s actually to your benefit. The more often you drop balls and pick them up, the more calories you burn. 

Surfing (no water, no problem)

Surf’s up! If you live close to a beach, surfing is an awesome full body exercise. It works your arms, back and core with all that popping up. And you’ll get strong balancing skills as you try not to fall. If you don’t live on a coast, no worries! There is such a thing as dry boards! There’s a trendy new piece of fitness equipment called RipSurfer X, which simulates a surfboard in water. Some gyms even offer classes. If you can’t find one, try out an Indo Board – another fun way to work on your balance indoors, or a Carver skateboard, which mimics the motion of waves but on the street.

Get Bouncing!

So you’ve had a rocky relationship with exercise, but now it’s time to rebound! “Rebounding” is the fancy name scientists use for the act of jumping around on a trampoline, which can be an incredibly fun and effective workout. According to a study conducted by NASA, rebounding for 10 minutes has a similar effect on your body as 30 minutes of running. So head to a local trampoline park! Many of them have tons of fun features like trampoline basketball or dodgeball or obstacle courses.

Dance Classes

From ballet to burlesque and every beat in between, dancing is easy to love. It’s all about getting into the music, focusing on your body movements, and having so much fun you forget that you’re working up a sweat. And there’s a style for everyone! Dance your way around the world by trying out bhangra, salsa, Irish step, hula, or country swing.

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We love biking! It’s a great way to get around and explore your surroundings. You’re going over to a friends house? Ride your bike instead of driving your car! Not only will you burn calories without thinking about it, but you’ll also save gas money. Win win! Once the weather gets a little warmer, you could even try taking that bike out in nature for some trail riding and beautiful scenery. 


 – The goodNes Crew 
P.S. After all that hard work, you deserve a treat! Try a Veggie-Packed Smoothie for a powerful post-workout boost.