Squat Goals! Join the 30-day Squat Challenge
Squat Goals! Join the 30-day Squat Challenge

Squat Goals! Join the 30-day Squat Challenge

You don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it! Join the squat challenge and brace yourself for awesome results.

Alright friends, we’re back with another fitness challenge and we want YOU to join us! This month’s 30-day challenge is all about that B-O-O-T-Y! By doing squats every day, we’re going to tone and strengthen our legs and hopefully make our booties pop. #SquatGoals

So, why squats? We love (and hate, but mostly love) them because you’re using pretty much your entire lower body: quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The best thing about squats? You don’t even have to go to gym! You can totally squat while watching TV, staring at your neighbors through the window, or waiting for your Stouffer’s meal to microwave. Plus they’re great for your body in lots of other ways ways:

1. Burn calories

Squats can tone your booty quick! They help build muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and help your body burn calories faster. Muscle tissue burns more calories  than body fat even when you're at rest!

2. Prevent Injuries

With squats, you’ll strengthen your body and gain better mobility, flexibility, and balance to help you do other physical tasks in your active life, with less risk of getting hurt. 

3. Low-impact

Lots of exercises can wreak havoc on your joints over time, but squats (when done properly) won’t damage your knees, and might actually strengthen them.

4. Run like the wind

Squatting can make you faster at sprinting! This research found that runners with bigger leg muscles excelled at short-distance running because they could apply more force into the ground.

5. Say goodbye to cellulite

Many of us fear cellulite, but here's a way to ease your fears. You can help reduce cellulite by improving your circulation, something squats are great for.

6. Improve your posture

It takes a lot of poise to keep proper form while doing a squat! The more you practice, you’ll improve your body posture in your back, chest, and shoulders. Soon you’ll be walking down the street like it’s a runway. #YAS

Before you begin, make sure you’re using the proper form. We found this how-to video helpful. 



Good luck and happy squatting! And don’t forget to squat your way over to Instagram and show us your technique @GoodNesUSA

– The goodNes Crew