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    The STOUFFER'S brand, which dates back to the 1920s, launched its frozen foods division in 1954, offering take-home frozen meals from their restaurants to folks looking for easy dinner ideas or portable lunch ideas. NESTLÉ acquired STOUFFER'S in 1973 and LEAN CUISINE was launched in 1981 as part of STOUFFER'S.

    LIFE CUISINE is an exciting, new brand developed by the chefs and nutritionists that also make LEAN CUISINE. LIFE CUISINE makes delicious and satisfying meals that match your approach to eating well. Created for low carb lifestyle, high protein, meatless and gluten free dietary preferences. LEAN CUISINE continues to offer portion-controlled versions of your favorite foods to help you stay on track, with 10g of fat or less, and always 400 calories or less. Together, LEAN CUISINE and LIFE CUISINE offer an accessible range of ready-made meals expertly crafted to meet your tastes and preferences.

    Lean Cuisine® has a rewards program for our loyal consumers! Click here to learn more about our Lean Cuisine® myRewards loyalty program and how you can start earning points towards Lean Cuisine® deals today!

    We understand it can be frustrating when something you love is suddenly not available. Contact us and we can help you find another favorite! We encourage you to ask your local store manager about bringing back your favorites, as they decide which recipes to stock.

    Give one of our delicious NEW Oven Fried Chicken Bowls or Cauli’BowlsTM a try and enjoy guilt-free versions of the indulgent recipes you crave! Our Oven Fried Chicken Bowls feature white meat chicken that is breaded then cooked in an oven with a touch of oil, high-heat and circulated air, so you can enjoy a delicious meal with half the fat. If you’re looking to take a more carb conscious approach to regular pasta our Cauli’BowlsTM are made with cauliflower and have the Same Great Pasta Taste, with Fewer Net Carbs. 

    Lean Cuisine wants you to take charge with Carb Conscious options that help you manage mealtime deliciously with crave-worthy pastas made with cauliflower that are all 400 calories or less with 30 grams of net carbs or less. Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber.

    Paperboard: Yes. The paperboard outer carton is recyclable.
    Plastic Trays: Look at the bottom of the tray for a triangle with a number in it. That’s the recycling code for the particular type of plastic used in the tray. You can check with your local recycling company to see if they accept that type of plastic.

    We do not recommend that the trays be reused.

    LEAN CUISINE does not use BPA when creating our trays.

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    LEAN CUISINE calories vary by dish, but all are 400 calories or less. Refer to Our Products section of our site for more information and always check the product label for the most up to date ingredient, nutrition and allergen information.

    Yes! LEAN CUISINE offers many meatless meals. Take a look at our menu of meatless options. Our new Korean Style Rice & Vegetables bowl is vegan.

    Yes, LEAN CUISINE does offer a variety of gluten free entrees, but not all our dishes are gluten free. Refer to the ingredient panel on the product for more information to ensure that you've chosen an entrée that fits your dietary restrictions. 

    Our team of chefs works incredibly hard to create nutritious frozen meals that meet your lifestyle. The sodium in our products as in most foods is used to help provide flavor. And you might be surprised to know that we have 25 LEAN CUISINE products that contain 650mg of sodium or less. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise that adults limit sodium intake to 2,300mg but Americans eat on average ~3,400mg of sodium per day. 

    LEAN CUISINE dishes have between 340-900mg of sodium (avg. of ~690mg). We passionately care about balancing flavor and nutrition in our recipes. On average, eating a LEAN CUISINE entrée would represent ~30% of the daily sodium intake recommended by the 2020 – 2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The guideline is set at 2,300mg but Americans eat on average ~3,400mg of sodium per day. Refer to the product label for the most up to date ingredient, nutrition and allergen information. 

    According to the US FDA 90% of food allergic reactions are caused by: milk, egg, fish, crustacea (e.g., shellfish like shrimp, lobster, crab), tree nuts (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.), wheat, peanuts, soybean. These are often referred to as the "big 8" and we always label them whenever these foods or proteins derived from these foods are present in our products. Refer to the ingredient panel for more information.

    The LEAN CUISINE recommended preparation instructions on the package provide the optimal results for the dish. All of our entrees can be prepared in the microwave and those cooking times are based on the usage of an 1100 watt microwave oven. Recipes in a clear/white tray must be prepared in the microwave as the tray will not withstand the high, sustained heat of a conventional oven. If alternative preparation methods are recommended for a particular dish, they will be provided on the packaging.

    Our cooking times are based on an 1100 watt microwave oven. As microwave ovens vary, cooking times may need to be adjusted. If a lower wattage microwave is used, the cooking time may need to be increased. If additional time is added, it is important to watch the product while it is cooking to avoid bubbling over. For safety, always ensure the product reaches an internal temperature of 165° F.

    Fifty-percent power is the same as power level 5, medium, medium-low and in some cases, the defrost settings on microwaves. If your microwave only has one setting, you can heat the product on high for half the amount of time, then check it. If internal temperature has not reached 165° F, continue cooking on high but check every 30-60 seconds to keep it from overcooking.

    Lean Cuisine dishes must be stored in the freezer and cooked thoroughly from a frozen state for product safety and optimal quality. Refer to the side panel of the product package for the Best Before date.

    LEAN CUISINE dishes are not meant to be prepared in a toaster oven. Always follow the cooking instructions on the LEAN CUISINE packaging.

    Lean Cuisine® has a rewards program for our loyal consumers! Click here to learn more about our Lean Cuisine® myRewards loyalty program and how you can start earning points towards Lean Cuisine® deals today!

    We achieved zero waste for disposal at all Lean Cuisine/Life Cuisine-owned manufacturing facilities in 2020, meaning all locations have found ways to recycle, compost or recover energy from waste materials that would have otherwise gone to a landfill.

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