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Inspiring Smiles for Over 70 Years

We've brightened the day of kids and adults alike with a wide variety of nutritious options and irresistible flavors.
A vintage illustration of a bunny spooning Nestlé Quik into a glass of milk.

Introducing Nestle's Quik

In 1948, Quik Chocolate Powder hit the shelves and gave moms a fast and easy way to get more out of milk.

 The NESQUIK Bunny pops out of a hole with a glass of chocolate milk beside two containers of NESQUIK powder.

Meet America's Favorite Bunny, Quicky!
Over the years, we added new flavors and entertained families with our famous “N-E-S-T-L-É-S” jingle and the Nesquik bunny Quicky.

A glass of chocolate milk with a vintage NESQUIK milk carton, bottle and powder container on top of the milk splash.

Goodness On The Go
NESQUIK fans can now enjoy their favorite drink anytime, anywhere. See which flavors we added over the years.

Waves of strawberry and chocolate milk behind bottles of strawberry and chocolate Protein Power.

Bulk Up By The Sip
In 2016 we introduced Nesquik Protein Power. Made with real milk and 23 grams of protein in each bottle, it delivers irresistibly delicious and nutritious chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Bottles and canisters of chocolate and strawberry Nesquik milk, syrup and powder on a kitchen counter.

Energizing Every Moment
Today, our family of products deliver delicious, tasty goodness with flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, double chocolate and more!

See All Flavors

All Sorts of Yummy Goodness
A woman pours milk from one glass jar to another.
Our Ready to Drink flavored milk includes protein from real milk to keep you going strong all day long.
Pieces of chocolate scattered around cocoa beans and leaves on a wooden table.
The rich chocolate flavor you know and love comes from responsibly sourced cocoa through the Nestlé® Cocoa Plan*.
A man sprints up cement steps.
Packed with protein and a delicious source of calcium and vitamins A & D, our Ready to Drink flavored milk is a delicious way to sip through the day!
We Care About our Cocoa
NESQUIK is committed to the Nestlé® Cocoa Plan, which aims to improve the lives of cocoa farmers, their communities and the quality of their products.