LEAN CUISINE® ADA Certified Frozen Meals with Better Choices for Life Mark

Four delicious new Balance Bowls with zero grams of added sugar and 400 calories or less, to meet the nutrition criteria of the American Diabetes Association®.

Our Meals with the ADA’s Better Choices for Life Mark

ADA Better Choices for Life Nutrition Criteria

CriteriaFrozen Combo MealFrozen Combo Vegetarian/Vegan Meal
Serving Size250g min - 285g max250g min - 285g max
Total Calories200-400200-400
Saturated Fat<10% of total calories<10% of total calories
Trans Fat0g0g
Total Carb≤45g≤50g
Fiber1g fiber : 10g carb1g fiber : 10g carb
Added Sugars<5% of total calories<5% of total calories

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Delicious & Nutritious

Lean Cuisine & ADA Better Choices for Life

The first frozen entrées to meet the ADA’s Better Choices for Life nutrition criteria. Made delicious with quality ingredients like tender shrimp, broccoli florets, brown rice, and whole grain pasta.

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Tasty Ways to Eat Well

Everyday eating can feel overwhelming when managing your blood sugar or a condition like diabetes, and we’re here to help. Learn more on our blog.

Informed Choices

Food to Feel Good About

The ADA’s Better Choices for Life mark is a simple way to identify products that are suitable for someone looking to manage their diabetes through appropriate dietary choices. Visit the American Diabetes Association® website for more information.