Safety Alert Relating to Counterfeit Maggi Masala-ae-Magic Seasoning Sachets in the U.S.

Our Story


For over 100 years MAGGI has been a helper to home cooks around the world. Our products are made to simplify dinner time while still inspiring exploration in the kitchen. MAGGI isn’t a shortcut, it’s a detour to authentic flavors you may not have tried and recipes you thought were too hard to make. So go and try something new or mix up an old favorite and let life be full of flavor.

A Little History

Since 1884, MAGGI has provided delicious and convenient culinary solutions all around the world, bringing everyday inspiration to your day-to-day dishes.

An illustration of vintage MAGGI products on a cutting board with a knife, tomato, and shallot.


In 1884, a young visionary named Julius Maggi had an idea that would revolutionize the world: to create a culinary solution for busy families with no time to cook nutritious meals at home. As more and more women began working in factories and spending less time at home, he saw a true need for delicious, inexpensive meals that were quick and easy to prepare.

Two vintage ads side by side. One shows an illustration of a woman sitting over a white table clothed table.


After a few years of intense research, the first powdered soups were born: MAGGI® Pea and Bean Soup. But he didn't stop there, and following the massive success of the soup he went on to invent the famous MAGGI® Liquid Seasoning sauce we all know and love to this day, as well as the popular MAGGI® Bouillon cubes that are a staple in millions of homes. All of his products were the first of their kind and quickly spread from his native Switzerland to Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, to every corner of the world.

Two vintage ads side by side. One shows an illustration of a woman sitting over a white table clothed table.


When Nestle acquired the MAGGI® brand in 1947, it was natural for the vision of both brands to align to bring quality, affordable meals to people around the globe. Today, this rings as true as ever as the brand continues to bring people around the world the flavors they love, with the quality nutrition, they expect and accessibility they need.

Overhead photograph of hands passing plates and eating food at a feast.


During the 2000s, over 4,600 food portions were prepared with MAGGI® products every second across the globe.