NIDO® Tips on Probiotics and DHA for Kids

A toddler plays with cymbals as her parents cheer her on while playing a tambourine and noise maker.

DHA, along with iron, helps support a child’s brain development while a probiotic supports their immune system.

During your child’s first years, it is more important than ever that they eat nutritious foods to help keep them strong and healthy. Vitamins and minerals are a must, but there are other components that are just as beneficial to your little one’s well-being, like DHA and iron, to help support brain development, and probiotics to help support a healthy immune system. All of the nutrients and the probiotic in NIDO 1+ work closely together with a healthy diet to help your child’s health and well-being.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can provide health benefits such as helping to support immunity and should be considered as part of your child’s healthy diet. Dairy products like refrigerated yogurts, as well as NIDO 1+, are tasty choices that provide probiotics your child can enjoy, and you can feel confident they are getting the nutrition they need.

Along with iron, DHA is a key nutrient for the healthy development of your toddler’s brain. This Omega-3 fatty acid that is most commonly found in oily fish, is extremely beneficial during your little one’s first years and can easily be incorporated into their diet through NIDO 1+ and other DHA-fortified foods such as eggs and milk.

Throughout this stage of development, your child's growth benefits from a healthy routine, which not only includes playtime and a regular sleep and nap schedule, but also a balanced diet. Regular meals and snacks play a key role in your child’s healthy and strong growth. By adding sources of DHA, iron and a probiotic, like NIDO 1+, to their diet, you're providing their body with nutrients for a healthy brain and immune system in a way they'll happily enjoy.