NIDO® Tips for Toddler Milk on the Go

A young boy smiles as he sits in the back seat of the car buckled into a car seat. His older sister sits next to him appearing behind the car seat.

Between work, family chores and quick trips, a mom is always on the move. In a perfect world, there’d be more hours in a day and you’d always be able to nourish your little one in the comfort of home. But the days are short and there’s a lot to do, and sometimes you have to take your little one along for the ride. Here is a helpful guide to make sure you always have what you need at hand to give your tot the toddler milk drink they love on the go.

Step 1 • Separate By Servings

For one serving, you will need:

  • clean water
  • re-sealable plastic bags with 4 scoops of your dry milk powder (like NIDO 1+)
  • 8 fl oz. sippy cup with a lid
  • thermos

For longer trips, plan your servings ahead and pack additional servings of NIDO 1+ per day in re-sealable bags.

Step 2 • On the Go Preparation

Add 4 scoops of your toddler's NIDO milk beverage to a sippy cup filled with warm water (8 fl oz.), and mix well. If it is not for immediate consumption, it is best to separate extra powder servings and mix right before giving them to your little one to ensure the highest level of freshness.

What About Flying with a Toddler?

You can always bring your toddler’s milk with you when you fly, even past security checkpoints. Both liquid and powdered form are allowed on the plane, only in small amounts (3.4 ounces and under). Make sure to remove them from your carry-on bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings. For more information, visit

When stepping out with toddlers, make sure to plan ahead so you’re ready to handle any situation. You never know what little surprises may arise, so have everything you may need at hand and get things done at your own pace. And remember to bring a toy to entertain your little one!

Toddler boy looking outside of the airplane window