Simple Tips for Mental Triumphs

Child Drawing with Mom in a living room with a Nido Bottle on the table.

Parenting is full of joys and challenges, and NIDO is here to help make sure your child's nutritional needs are met effortlessly. Our four milk beverages are crafted to accompany your child's unique developmental stages, providing you peace of mind as you navigate the complexities of parenting.

Activities for Development

  • Blue, red, and yellow crayons.

    1 TO 2 YEARS OLD

    Introduce NIDO 1+ during this foundational period to provide vital nutrients as your toddler begins to start expressing their emotions and navigating the world. Simple activities during this period like interactive storytelling and colorful play activities can help enhance language and motor skill development.

  • Blue puzzle piece

    2 to 3 Years Old

    Navigate 2-3 years old with confidence. Consider NIDO Yogu 1+ for on-the-go nutritional support, matching the boundless energy of your little one. Boost their brain development during these ages with things such as puzzles and interactive games that encourage problem-solving skills.

  • Yellow Dice

    4+ Years Old

    Transition seamlessly to NIDO Fortificada as your child engages with peers and teachers. Provide a developmental boost with age-appropriate educational games which will help foster longer attention spans and engrain a love of learning in them.

Empowering Childhood Development

In the tapestry of childhood, let NIDO be your partner, to help your little ones grow up healthy and strong. NIDO ensures that, with each sip, your child receives the nutritional support required to help meet their developmental milestones. Remember to consult with your pediatrician for your child's overall well-being.

NIDO's Developmental Line Up:

  • Container of Nido +1 with a red lid.

    NIDO 1+

    For toddlers that might be beginning to venture into the realm of language and movement, offering support for growing minds and bodies.

  • Yellow container of Nido 3+ powder with a green lid.

    NIDO 3+

    A delightful companion tailored for 3+ year-olds or preschoolers, nurturing them through the early stages of childhood.

  • Yellow and purple container of Nido Lacto-Ease powder with a purple lid.

    NIDO Lacto-Ease

    A reduced lactose beverage for your 1+ year-olds that helps support healthy growth and development and contains probiotics to support their immune system.

  • A yellow container of NIDO Fortificada powder with a white lid.

    NIDO Fortificada

    Ideal for 4+ year-olds, delivering essential nutrients as they conquer new developmental milestones.