NIDO® Tips on Toddler vs. Adult Nutrition

Toddler vs. Adult Nutrition

Small Bodies, Big Nutrition Needs!
Your little one has turned 1!
They need NUTRITION!
A baby holds his finger up to his mouth.
To grow BIG & STRONG
Their bodies may be small, but their nutrition needs are not!
Pound for pound, toddlers need at least twice as many nutrients as adults*
Bar graph illustrating nutritional needs:Toddlers: 7x more vitamin D, 6x iron, 2x zinc, and 5x calcium needs than adults.
A red circle outlined with a black scribble. Toddler
A white circle outlined with a black scribble. Adult Male
*Source: RDAs comparing toddler vs adult man per lb body weight
A canister of Nido 1+ with a shield that reads “immunity, Vitamins A, C, & D, Iron, and Zinc” near a young boy clapping. NIDO® 1+ has 14 vitamins and minerals that help support immunity and healthy growth, including vitamin D, iron, zinc and calcium. Blocks shaped like a trapezoid and hexagon with the words “D Vitamin” and “Ca Calcium.”
With age-specific nutrition, NIDO® 1+ helps you support your little one's first steps.