Little Movers: Unveiling the World of Gross Motor Skills with NIDO

Child smiling with their father who is aiding them in walking upright in a living room.

From the adorable wiggles of infants to the charming wobbles of toddlers, every little one is actively engaging their motor skills. Wondering what that means? It's just the fantastic things our bodies do when we're on the move—think big gestures, not small ones. NIDO understands the thrill of this adventure and is here to provide essential vitamins and minerals for promoting healthy growth and development in your child.

child crawling in a green fabric play tube.

The Low Down on Gross Motor Skills

From day one, your little one is on a mission to explore and be on the move. Here's what to look out for and some easy ideas to cheer them on:

  • During tummy time, observe as they lift their heads, engaging core, neck, and shoulder muscles.
  • As your toddler grows, witness their triumphs in walking, climbing stairs, and running like little champions.
  • The preschool years introduce coordination superpowers—keep an eye out for skipping, hopping, and perhaps even some bike-riding action.

Words to Live By

In your parenting journey, view NIDO as your nutrition companion, providing essential vitamins and minerals for your child's growth. We're here for you, understanding the twists and turns of parenthood.

NIDO's Developmental Line Up:

  • Container of Nido +1 with a red lid.

    NIDO 1+

    For toddlers that might be beginning to venture into the realm of language and movement, offering support for growing minds and bodies.

  • Yellow container of Nido 3+ powder with a green lid.

    NIDO 3+

    A delightful companion tailored for 3+ year-olds or preschoolers, nurturing them through the early stages of childhood.

  • Yellow and purple container of Nido Lacto-Ease powder with a purple lid.

    NIDO Lacto-Ease

    A reduced lactose beverage for your 1+ year-olds that helps support healthy growth and development and contains probiotics to support their immune system.

  • A yellow container of NIDO Fortificada powder with a white lid.

    NIDO Fortificada

    Ideal for 4+ year-olds, delivering essential nutrients as they conquer new developmental milestones.