Your Child’s Development From Ages 1 to 5

Toddler playing with blocks on the ground infront of a couch.

Every parent wants the absolute very best for their child. But being a parent and raising a child can feel overwhelming at times. You have to worry about their safety, how they are socializing, their education, and so on. NIDO is here to help; we've got your back when it comes to nutrition. So, you can feel relieved that there is one less thing on your plate to worry about.

NIDO has four unique milk beverage blends to ensure your child’s well-being at every stage of their development. We have:

  • NIDO 1+ for toddlers.
  • NIDO 3+ for pre-school plus or 3-5 year olds.
  • NIDO Lacto-Ease for those children who have sensitive stomachs.
  • NIDO Fortificada for kindergarten plus or 4+ years old that still need all the vital nutrients and vitamins as they reach new milestones.

Typical Child Development:

toddler with a orange ball outside.

1 to 2 Years Old

At this age, your child is beginning to be aware of their behavior and those around them. Eager to learn, they use words and facial expressions to express their feelings. This phase is the perfect time to introduce toddlers to NIDO 1+ to help support their developmental needs and to provide essential nutrients for their growing minds and bodies.

  • They may be talking a little and understanding words and ideas.
  • They might be walking, climbing stairs and running.
  • They might like to scribble and look at books.
  • They might be proud of their achievements.
toddler jumping on a colorful mat in front of curtains.

2 to 3 Years Old

This age is often referred to as “the terrible twos,” when your toddler is developing their distinct personality. At this age, your child is likely undergoing changes in social, intellectual, and emotional aspects. They might be exploring the outdoors or their surroundings, so safety will become your top priority. Try out NIDO Yogu 1+ for those hard-to-catch toddlers that are always on the go.

  • They might have an increased vocabulary and love to repeat what they hear.
  • They may be running everywhere they go because they have all the energy in the world.
  • They might get frustrated easily.
  • They may begin to behave independently but still need your help.
child with glasses smiling on the floor in a living room with toys.

4+ Years Old

Kids grow up so fast. This is the stage where your child begins interacting with other children and teachers at school. These interactions develop your child’s personality as they begin expressing their emotions. This is the age you can begin transitioning your toddlers to NIDO Fortificada.

  • They might have a longer attention span.
  • They might begin to ask questions, and there are oh so many questions that they might ask.
  • They may begin to learn the concept of sharing.
  • They might act silly, playful, and boisterous.
  • They might learn bad words.


Each child has their own individual journey. Milestones are unique to each child. They tend to do things at their own pace. Rest assured that NIDO has developed our milk beverages to support all children at every development phase. Remember, consult with your pediatrician for your child’s well-being.