What is Outsiders?

At OUTSIDERS PIZZA COMPANY, we’re giving the best regional pizzas their moment. These pizzas come from great American cities like Detroit and Chicago, where crust is king and the cheese flows like champagne. We pay these local pizza styles tribute for one reason: They taste damn good.

Where can I buy an Outsiders' pizza?

Check out our product locator!

Where is Outsiders pizza made?

Our pizza is made in a big 'ole kitchen some call a pizza factory in the great state of Illinois.

Where can I find you?

Head over to our product locator to see if we’re in a freezer aisle near you. If not, contact us and let us know if we should be!

Where is your restaurant?

We’re frozen aisle only– but don’t be surprised if your taste buds get confused.

Who owns Outsiders?

We are part of Foundry Foods, an innovation incubator backed by Nestlé USA designed to support small, emerging brands.

Did you change your packaging?

We changed the packaging to better showcase how delicious our pizzas are coming out of your oven. We’ve looked at numerous designs over the years and are excited to put our best foot forward with this newest version.


Does Outsiders have an organic pizza?

We don’t currently have any organic pizza options. Check out our ingredients to see what makes OUTSIDERS PIZZA COMPANY pizza so damn good.

Does Outsiders have a gluten free pizza?

We don't currently have any gluten free pizza options. All of our pizzas contain wheat. Check out our ingredients to see what makes our pizza so damn good.

How many calories are in an Outsiders pizza?

Calories don't count on the weekend, but you can check out the nutritional info for the rest of the week!

How many carbs are in an Outsiders pizza?

Carbs don’t count on the weekend, you can check out the nutritional info for the rest of the week!

Is Outsiders pizza vegetarian?

We do have meat-free Detroit Style Four Cheese and Chicago Style Cheese pizzas, but all Outsiders pizzas contain dairy. Check out our ingredients to see what makes our pizza so damn good.

Where can I access more allergen information?

Dietary and allergy information can be found by visiting the nutritional information sections on each product page.


Can I microwave or put my Outsiders in a toaster oven?

We don’t recommend trying to microwave your pizza. Follow the cooking directions on the package. You can cook the pizza in a toaster oven only if the oven is large enough to fit the pizza with the tray.

What styles of pizza does Outsiders have?

We have Detroit Style and Chicago Style today. Drop us a line with your favorite style!

How big is an Outsiders pizza?

See the nutritional info for exact sizing, but generally our pizzas serve a few. Or have a party of 1, we won’t judge.

How much does an Outsiders pizza cost?

Prices vary by store and market, check out the product locator to find us near you.