The Sweet Earth Eco-Clock is a general representation of the impact eating alternative meats has on the environment and the animals.


The top level number represents the total number of pounds we have produced to date of our award-winning seitan. Each pound consumed by American families represents one pound of animal meats not consumed—and the extended impact is represented here.


The calculations are based on research provided to us by the professional research team at We have provided links to their sources below.


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Energy Sources:

  1. Energy to produce 1 lb. of meat in KWH >>
  2. Convert KWH to BTU >>
  3.  Energy to produce 1 lb. of beef >>



CO2 Sources:

  1. CO2 emission from meat >>
  2. CO2 emission from tofu >>



Saturated Fat Sources:

  1. Saturated fat in chicken >>
  2. Saturated fat in beef >>
  3. Saturated fat in pork >>



Animal Lives Saved Sources:

  1. Pigs >>
  2. Chickens >>
  3. Cows >>
  4. Conversion method >>



Water Conserved Sources:

  1. Water for wheat >>



Miles Saved Sources:

  1. Livestock vs. wheat milage >>