The #1 Sweetened Condensed Milk in the World*

See how two ingredients combine to create a household favorite.
*Source Euromonitor; based on custom research conducted 03/2022, 2021 value sales, all retail channels.

Known Around the World

You might already know the exceptional taste of La Lechera by Nestlé. If you’re from India or Philippines you know it as Milkmaid and in Brazil it’s called Moça.


We source the best sugar to make our sweetened condensed milk. Products from Mexico use cane sugar and products from Chile use a mix of Colombian cane sugar & Chilean beet sugar. We also use beet sugar from the United States.

The Milk Makes It

We use milk from Mexico, Chile and the United States so we always have delicious tasting milk readily available.

We Love Our Farmers

Blades of wet tall grass.
We provide Mexican cane harvesters with clean water and protective equipment while working to rebuild and improve their living conditions.
A cane sugar farmer chops a sugar cane in a field with a machete.
We offer an “Agripreneurship” program to teach future generations of Chilean farmers about safe and sustainable farming.
A river flows over rocks and past a forest.
To increase the quality of life for our farmers, their communities, and the planet, we have a plan to reduce carbon emissions and deforestation in Chile.

Saving Water For Tomorrow

As of 2020 our dairy farms have over 12,000 acres of efficient irrigation systems. We’re working on conserving more water with plans to add 1,000 acres of efficient irrigation systems by 2022.

Our Rich History

A vintage can of La Lechera sweetened condensed milk.


A Nestlé Factory in Cantabria, Spain began producing La Lechera products. By the end of the decade, 8 million liters were processed a year.
The royal stamp of Spain.


La Lechera started using the royal stamp of Spain and became the official supplier for the Spanish Royal Family.
A vintage illustration of a milk maid.


La Lechera became known as a superior baking ingredient and its iconic can became a staple for generations of Latin & Hispanic families.
Cans of dulce de leche and sweetened condensed milk.


La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk and Dulce De Leche are introduced in the United States.
A squeeze bottle of dulce de leche beside a bottle of lactose-free sweetened condensed milk.


We are the #1 Sweetened Condensed Milk in the world*! And we aren't stopping there! We’ll continue to create new tastes and simple ways to add yummy sweetness to your favorite recipes.

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