Let's Create in the Kitchen

Tres Leches and Bread Pudding

Tres Leches and Bread Pudding Try the innovative combination of two of our favorite desserts. Get the kids involved in the preparation and teach them more about Latin traditions.
A white platter of bread pudding behind two plates with slices of tres leches bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream.

Margarita Lime Pops

Nothing like margaritas on a stick to get your party started! And since the tequila is optional, you can make a batch for the kids as well.
Margarita lime pops on a bed of ice.

Flan Cake

This Flan Cake (Flan Impossible) is a unique alternative for entertaining family and friends. You'll love the layered look and flavors of this inverted cake.
A layered flan cake with maraschino cherry garnish on a pink and purple cake stand.

Strawberry Dessert Cups

This quick and easy dessert is a great way to enjoy strawberries. For variety, try using an assortment of different berries.
Six strawberry dessert cups lined up on a white plate with mint garnish.