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Margarita Lime Pops

Margarita Lime Pops
5 min
7 pops
  • Nothing like margaritas on a stick to get your party started! And since the tequila is optional, you can make a batch for the kids as well.
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Key Ingredients

A squeeze bottle with a blue cap with the La Lechera logo beside a pile of fruit drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.
Condensed Milk
Sweetened Condensed Milk Squeeze Bottle 11.8 oz
11.8 oz. Squeeze Bottle

Make It

Step 1

Whisk together lime juice, water, sweetened condensed milk and tequila in measuring cup or bowl with pour spout. Pour mixture into 3-ounce disposable cups, filling each about ¾ full. Cover each with foil; insert wooden craft stick through center of foil. Freeze for several hours or until solid.

Recipe Notes

Cook’s Tip:

For sweeter/less tart pops, add a couple extra tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

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