When we set out to create a new frozen pizza brand, we started by asking ourselves one question: what kind of pizza is our kind of pizza? So, we got our own digs, decided the only rule was “no same old same old,” and travelled the country eating pizza. Lots of pizza. We tasted every flavor of truffle-dusted pizza du jour you can imagine. But the ones we really loved -— the slices we daydreamed about —- weren’t from the sea of Neapolitan knockoffs. They were the lesser-known regional styles from places that reminded us of our hometowns. While Italy may be the birthplace of pizza, the US reinvented it. Over and over and over again. These off-the-grid hole-in-the-wall pizza joints weren’t just in New York or Chicago. But they served distinct styles that had one thing in common. They taste damn good. The OUTSIDERS PIZZA COMPANY® brand was born to celebrate the best regional pizza styles. Because damn good pizza can come from anywhere. Outsiders: Damn Good.
Overhead photograph of five friends cheersing with square slices of pepperoni cups pizza.
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Very close up photograph showing a hand grabbing a slice of Detroit Style Pulled Pork, Bacon, and BBQ pizza—showing profile of the slice with inside crust and melted cheese.