Key Ingredients

A white can of sweetened condensed milk with blue labels beside the La Lechera logo and a plate of flan.
Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk 14 oz Can

14 oz. Can


Make It

Step 1

Line an 8-inch-square pan with parchment paper; set aside.

Step 2

Place chocolate chips and La Lechera Sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan.

Step 3

Heat on medium-low heat and stir constantly until chocolate mixture is very smooth.

Step 4

Remove from heat and add the cereal to the mixture.

Step 5

Mix well to incorporate the cereal evenly and pour it into the prepared pan. Tap the pan few times on the counter top to remove any air bubbles and also to even it out.

Step 6

Loosely cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Step 7

Tip: Try adding nuts of preference, like walnuts, almonds or pistachios.

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