Fresh Mango, Coconut & Lime Ice Cream

Fresh Mango, Coconut & Lime Ice Cream
10 min
3 cups, six 1/2-cup servings
Fresh Mango, Coconut & Lime Ice Cream is a delicious choice for a special treat. Fresh mangos have a luscious texture that becomes velvety when pureed, which makes them well suited for this recipe. This version has more of a sherbet texture, largely due to the fact that we are using refrigerated coconut milk. This milk is a lot thinner and has less fat when compared to canned coconut milk. Canned coconut milk can easily be substituted if you desire more of an ice cream texture.

Key Ingredients

A white bottle of natural bliss Sweet Cream Creamer with a purple label above dairy pitchers and the product name.
natural bliss®
Sweet Cream All-Natural Coffee Creamer
32 oz. Bottle


Make It

Step 1

Place mango, coconut milk, Coffee mate natural bliss Creamer, sugar, lime juice and sea salt in food processor container; cover. Process until smooth. Transfer to a container and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Step 2

Spoon mixture into ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions. Serve immediately in waffle cones or transfer mixture to covered container and freeze to enjoy later.

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