Tropical Fruit Salad

Tropical Fruit Salad
10 min
4 servings, about 1 cup per serving
Key Ingredients
A canister of Nido Fortificada with a yellow label, white lid and gold heart above a glass of milk pouring.
NIDO Fortificada Ages 4+
Fortificada Dry Whole Milk Beverage
12.6 oz. Can
A white bottle of natural bliss Vanilla Creamer with a blue label above vanilla beans and the product name.
natural bliss®
Vanilla All-Natural Coffee Creamer
16 oz. Bottle
Make It
Step 1
Layer 2 tablespoons each of pineapple, cottage cheese, mango and banana in a jar or small bowl. Add ½ tablespoon almonds and 1 teaspoon raisins. Repeat process in remaining glasses or bowls.
Step 2
Combine Nido and cinnamon in a small bowl. Whisk in water and Coffee mate natural bliss Creamer. Pour 1 ½ tablespoons sauce over each layered salad. Cover and refrigerate or enjoy immediately.
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