Fruit Salad

La Lechera Fruit Parfait

Official LA LECHERA®
La Lechera Fruit Parfait
10 min
4 servings
  • Ready in 10 minutes, La Lechera Fruit Parfaits are colorful, delicious and refreshing. Great for entertaining or special family meals.

Key Ingredients

A squeeze bottle with a blue cap with the La Lechera logo beside a pile of fruit drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.
Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk Squeeze Bottle 11.8 oz

11.8 oz. Squeeze Bottle


Make It

Step 1

Layer chocolate wafer cookie pieces, whipped topping, La Lechera, bananas and strawberries evenly in four dessert cups. Top each cup with Maria cookie and garnish with additional whipped topping and La Lechera.

Why People Are Loving It