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Who Needs a Valentine When You’ve Got Dessert

5 recipes that are sweeter than being in a relationship.

Some people think being single on Valentine’s Day is tough, but let’s get real. Sooo many of us are single year-round, and we are totally killing it at life. So when this one silly holiday rolls around every February, it ain’t no thang if you have no bae. We can think of a million things we love (maybe even more than humans), that we’d even consider ourselves to be in committed relationships with. TV shows, puppies, coffee...the list goes on.  
So in honor of “love month,” here are 5 of our most loveable dessert recipes. We’ve got cookies that may crumble, but never break your heart. Angel Food Cake that will always treat you like an angel. And chocolate fudge that will never suggest you guys see other people for awhile.  
For this type of love, we fully support diving right in, no questions asked! So turn on the oven and indulge yourself – as if you needed any more reasons! We hope you fall deeply, madly in love with these goodies.

Heart-Shaped Cereal Treats

Spread the love! These adorable heart-shaped treats are the perfect homemade Valentines to give away to friends. We love the combination of gooey marshmallow mixed with crunchy cereal and topped with white chocolate. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Angel Food Cake

We love traditional angel food cake, but this chocolatey twist is next level. We’d argue it tastes richer, and it makes makes the strawberry topping that much sweeter. Try it with a dollop of whipped cream! Get the recipe here.

Peanutty Chocolate Fudge

Everyone should try making their own fudge at least once. It’s an art! (A delicious art.) And the best part is that it keeps well, so you can freeze these bites and enjoy them for weeks to come, whenever you need a bite of love. Get the recipe here.

Which sweet treat makes your heart sing loudest? Show us your masterpiece on instagram @goodNesUSA and use #ThankGoodNes for #Love.  
 – The goodNes Crew