Kid Favorites

Eat Recipes Main Meals

You know what’s better than flowers? An edible bouquet of chocolate dipped pretzels! These treats are super easy to make, super addicting to eat, and we love that they use Abuelita chocolate drink mix for an authentic Latin touch of flavor. Edible bouquets for the win!

Eat Recipes Sweet Treats

Warm flaky crust packed with gooey cinnamon apples. YUM. Hand out these pockets of pure joy and your friends might just think you’re a bona fide pastry chef! We recommend making a double batch if you really want enough to go around.

Eat Recipes Holiday & Seasonal Flavors

Trimming the tree has never been so delicious! These adorable treats are miniature Christmas trees made out of cookies, and are oh-so-Instagrammable. Just pick your favorite cookie flavor – it’s even better if you have more than one – and decorate them however your heart desires!


Eat Recipes Sweet Treats

Nothing says holidays like gingerbread, but maybe you don’t have the patience to construct an entire gingerbread house. Your people will love these double-decker cookies with delicious cream filling. And trust us, they taste much better than a gingerbread house.