Q&A with Andrea Mathis, M.A., RDN, LD

Nutritionist Andrea Mathis pulls an orange from a brown paper bag.

Andrea is an Alabama-based registered dietitian, nutritionist and owner of the food blogs, Beautiful Eats & Things, and Little Eats & Things and author of The Complete Book of Smoothies. Andrea has worked in several healthcare settings including clinical, public health and long-term care. She is partnering with Nestlé to help educate consumers about balancing your plate. When she’s not running after her two boys, she enjoys creating content to encourage self-love and promote body positivity.

1. What inspired you to start Beautiful Eats & Things?
I wanted to encourage my family to eat healthier, so I started preparing familiar recipes in a much healthier way. I would add in more veggies to my soups and stews, add in more whole grains to my baked goods, and choose ingredients that contained less sugar. I shared the finished dishes on social media and was asked several times a day for the recipes, which inspired me to start Beautiful Eats & Things! As my blog grew, I incorporated additional content that I was passionate about such as wellness, health & beauty, and body positivity.
2. What’s your nutrition philosophy that you feature on your blogs?
I believe in achieving optimal health by incorporating balanced eating habits into your lifestyle and making healthy eating fun!
3. If readers can only take away one thing from your content, what would you want it to be?
That living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be intimidating, hard or expensive.
4. What interests you most about food and nutrition?
Food is an important part of our lives. It’s interesting because it can bring about good or not-so-good memories for some people. As a Registered Dietitian, I think it’s important to encourage a good relationship with food to help make balanced food choices and hopefully more good memories!
5. What misconceptions do you see about balanced eating?
Most people think that balanced eating is expensive and requires spending several hours in the kitchen, but this is not true. There are so many wholesome, balanced and convenient options available that can fit any budget.


Balanced eating isn’t something that magically happens overnight. It requires gradual changes that can be attainable, long-term.

6. How do you approach balanced eating?
My approach to balanced eating is very relaxed. I give myself grace for times that I may not make the best food choices, and I understand that balanced eating isn’t something that magically happens overnight. It requires gradual changes that can be attainable, long-term.
7. What are three easy ways you can balance your plate?
Try filling half of your plate with veggies and the other half with a serving of healthy carbs and a serving of protein.
Choose whole grains whenever possible, such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.
Try to limit excessive intake of sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Instead try water or unsweetened tea.
8. What advice would you give to someone who just started meal planning?
Keep it simple. Instead of trying to prep every meal, ease into it by choosing the meal that you find the most difficult to prepare during the week.
9. What are your top three favorite recipes to cook?
Seared Salmon with Veggies
Steak Tacos
Massaged Kale Salads
10. Favorite Nestlé product? Family’s favorite Nestlé product?
My favorite Nestlé product is the Hot Pockets Crispy Crust Pepperoni Pizza! And my family’s favorite is Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce! So good!
11. What is one new food trend that people should pay attention to this year?
I think that the “meatless trend” appears to be very popular right now. More people are incorporating Meatless Monday into their weekly meal routines and incorporating more plant-based meal options.