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Easy Frozen Key Lime Pie

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Easy Frozen Key Lime Pie
Recipe Info - Skill Level
Recipe Info - Serving Size
10 servings
Recipe Info - Prep Time
15 min
Forget spending hours in the kitchen. Instead, celebrate the warming weather with a slice of this simple Easy Frozen Key Lime Pie. This is fast to prepare so you can enjoy the great outdoors while looking forward to this light and tasty treat.


Make It

Step 1

Pour evaporated milk into small mixer bowl; place beaters in same bowl. Freeze for about 30 minutes or until ice crystals form around edge of bowl.

Step 2

Beat at high speed until evaporated milk doubles in volume. Beat in sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and grated lime peel. Spoon into crust.

Step 3

Freeze for 6 hours or until firm. Garnish each slice of pie with lime slice. Cover any leftover pie and freeze for up to 1 week.

Cook's Tip:

Two prepared (6 ounces each) graham cracker crusts may be used in place of 9-ounce crust. Makes 16 servings.


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