Black Bean Breakfast Tostadas

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Black Bean Breakfast Tostadas
Recipe Info - Skill Level
Recipe Info - Serving Size
8 servings
Recipe Info - Prep Time
10 min
Recipe Info - Cook Time
5 min


Make It

Step 1

Combine beans, tomatoes and bouillon in medium skillet over medium-high heat. Cook, mashing with pastry blender or potato masher, until thickened and liquid has evaporated. Stir in half of the cilantro.

Step 2

Whisk together eggs and evaporated milk in medium bowl. Spray large skillet with nonstick cooking spray; heat over medium-low heat. Pour egg mixture into skillet. Cook, without stirring, until egg mixture begins to set on bottom and around edges. With a spatula or spoon, lift cooked egg mixture so uncooked egg mixture flows underneath. Continue cooking, stirring gently, until egg mixture is cooked through and still moist. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 3

Spread about ¼ cup bean mixture over each tostada shell; divide scrambled eggs evenly between shells. Sprinkle with cheese. Garnish with remaining cilantro and optional toppings.