Eat Recipes Main Meals

Have you ever made your own granola? It’s actually really simple, and you can add whatever flavors you want! With this pumpkin spice recipe, you’ll have pumpkin and cinnamon aromas dancing their way out of the oven and into your house. #PumpkinSeason

Eat Recipes Main Meals

You know what’s better than flowers? An edible bouquet of chocolate dipped pretzels! These treats are super easy to make, super addicting to eat, and we love that they use Abuelita chocolate drink mix for an authentic Latin touch of flavor. Edible bouquets for the win!

Eat Recipes Sweet Treats

Warm flaky crust packed with gooey cinnamon apples. YUM. Hand out these pockets of pure joy and your friends might just think you’re a bona fide pastry chef! We recommend making a double batch if you really want enough to go around.